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We are pleased to represent the following product lines:

BEACON-MORRIS builds Gas, Water, and Steam unit heaters, convectors, cabinet unit heaters and kick-space heaters.

Boiler Buddy
Factory insulated mass tank for hydronic heating systems

Boiler Mag
The Boilermag range is designed and manufactured by Eclipse Magnetics - the world leader in magnetic filtration systems.

Bosch Climate
Bosch Thermotechnology is a leading source of high quality water heating and comfort heating systems.

Calefactio carries the most complete line of residential, industrial and commercial expansion tanks, air purgers, air vents, glycol make-up packages and flow valves.

Centrotherm manufactures and distributes the InnoFlue brand of polypropylene flue gas venting

Manufacturers of plumbing chemicals and glycols

Danfoss manufacturers thermostatic radiator valves, three-way and four-way valves, control motors, and differential pressure/ temperature valves for heating/cooling and domestic hot water.

Heat Timer
The diversity of Heat-Timer controls, as well as their extraordinary fine-tuning capability, means improved performance of virtually any building's heating system - old or new, large or small, steam or hydronic.

The KN Series boiler by Kelvion is a U.S. manufacturer of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Utilized in heating, hydronic, steam and industrial processes.

The KN Series boiler by Hydrotherm combines the high efficiency and small footprint of modern copper boilers, with the long life and reliability of cast iron boilers.

Fire, Plumbing and Heating Specialty Valves, Fittings and Pipe Connections

Insulation Solutions
Insulation Solutions, Inc. manufactures cutting-edge insulation, building products and accessories for a variety of industries. The design and ingenuity of these products reflects our mission: to change everyday building challenges into practical solutions using science, research, and technology.

JJM Boiler Works Inc.
Condensate neutralizers for condensing boilers and furnaces

Leading Manufacturer of heating and cooling technologies through Naturals Gas Absorption

Since 1859, Smith has manufactured cast iron sectional boilers for low-pressure steam and hot water service, fired on either gas or oil.

Tamas Hydronic develops and manufactures hot water heating systems tailored for residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) for natural gas and propane installations. TracPipe is a cut to length product available in 3/8”, ½ “, ¾ “, 1", 1” ¼ , 1” ½ and 2”on reels with the patented AutoFlare connection system

Uponor is an international market leader, striving to provide better plumbing, indoor climate and infrastructure solutions across Europe, North America

Plumbing and Heating Specialty Valves