We are a Manufacturer’s Representative focused on piping and supports, commercial heating, and residential HVAC solutions. Our capabilities are highly respected and relied upon by professionals across Ontario.

First incorporated in 1984 as Gary Morgan Sales Inc., our business serviced the commercial heating segment of the market, providing hot water and steam heating sales, expertise and service as a Manufacturer’s Agent. 

With a firm commitment to excellence, our name became widely known and trusted among a growing list of Consulting Engineers, Wholesale Distributors and Mechanical Contractors.

The Morgan Group was formed in October 2006 to provide an aligned strategy for three specific market segments:

  • Piping and supports
  • Residential HVAC
  • Commercial Heating

We represent manufacturers within each of these market segments that deliver a top quality product for added value.


Through complementary product lines, The Morgan Group will best serve the sales and marketing interests of our partner manufacturer’s

  1. To educate the heating industry on the products GMS represents.
  2. To build the name recognition of Gary Morgan Sales Inc. and the products and services we offer.
  3. Grow & strengthen the business relationships with our valued customers.


To be recognized as the Premiere Manufacturer Agency in the Ontario Market for Plumbing and Heating Products by the Global Manufacturer, Engineer, Architect, Contractor and Distributor Communities.


  • Customer Service
  • Business Relationships
  • Quality Products
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Profitability
  • Technology

Our Team